How is Body Milk different from Body Butter?

Body Milks are light and lotion-like, perfect for warmer temperatures and summer months. Body Butters provide richer and deeper moisturisation as they are butter based. They hydrate and nourish skin in colder climates and in the winter months and are great for extra dry skin all-round the year.

What is the ideal skin type for this product?

This product is suited for all skin types.

What is the shelf life of this product?

1 year from the date of manufacture. Please check expiry dates mentioned on packs and labels.

Can I use this for my face?

No. This product is specially formulated for the body.

What is the most effective time to use this product?

Use it twice a day, after a shower in the morning and before bedtime.

Why is the colour of this product different from the last time I purchased it?

We use natural plant-based pigments as a colour, which could fade, depending on weather or storage conditions.

Is this Body Scrub safe for sensitive skin?

Yes. All our products are specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

How frequently should I use Body Scrub?

Twice a week in summers and once a week in the cooler months.