Experience a range of handcrafted skincare products, made fresh to order in micro batches, with certified organic, natural and plant based ingredients, created on the belief that beauty should be good for you! We bring to you, a deeply nourishing, honest-to-goodness, chemical-free range of skincare products, with the sensorial appeal of delicious food.

Mesmerizing textures, aromas and ingredients, encourage you to delight in your skin care ritual, to savour the product experience, as one would, a fine dessert.

The Skin Pantry Journey

The Skin Pantry's journey is closely entwined with that of our founder Colette.

It began with her earnest search for the right organic alternatives for her own personal care products. But she found the market to be full of products riddled with chemicals, despite their natural claim. Finally, she decided to make her own skincare in her pantry.

After a lot of trial and error, Colette arrived at her first 'emulsion'.

At first, she made the products for herself, but there were always heaps left over, so she filled them in jars and shared them with friends, family and colleagues to try out. Soon, she was besieged with requests for more, which is when she decided to pursue it seriously and create a brand. Thus, The Skin Pantry was born.

By 2015, Colette whipped up orders every day, all by herself - from sourcing to shipping.

Soon enough, the brand trended, won awards and our customer base grew. By 2019, it became an invested partnership firm called The Skin Mill, with its own kitchen factory in South Mumbai. Ours is possibly the only factory permitted in the heart of Mumbai as we have zero emissions and zero chemical waste.


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Seed to Skin

Only the purest and most potent ingredients make it to our pantry and your homes. Sourcing from India and around the world, we procure organic emulsifiers, certain essential oils, butters and carrier oils in small quantities, in keeping with the brand's handcrafted, micro-batch format. No chemicals or preservatives are used to 'pickle' our ingredients.

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Pure Process

Heartfelt care meets hands-on expertise at our pantry. Our studio factory is stocked with utensils and equipment found in most kitchens; hand-held propeller mixers share shelf space with bowls, beakers and spatulas. We produce zero chemical waste and emissions as we only use chemical-free solvents for cleaning our equipment and surfaces. Even our preservatives and emulsifiers are EcoCert and COSMOS certified, organic and 100% plant and vegetable based.

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Hands-on and good to go!

Our products are freshly handmade, hand-filled, hand-labelled and hand-packed in small batches. Even with the absence of any chemical preservatives, our products score very high on safety and hygiene lab tests. A shelf-life of 3 months is a testament to our integrity and transparency. All the products are vegan, cruelty-free and dermatologically tested for even the most sensitive of skins.

Coconut pulp from Sri Lanka
Bitter Almond Oil from India
Sweet & Bitter Essential Oils from India
French Green Clay from France


Arriving from far-off lands to our loving hands, all our ingredients are organic, ethically sourced and vegan. We are mindful about their shelf life as they are all fresh and plant based, carefully storing them in ideal conditions. They are hand-whipped and stored in glass or metal containers in a climate controlled raw material room at an evenly controlled temperature of 24 degrees at all times. These are procured from around the world and from places known for their best quality.

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Cocoa Butter from Ghana

Colette's labour of Love

"At The Skin Pantry, Clean Beauty is Transparency. It means products with honest labels, with credible claims and clear ingredient listings. And the experience of creating these, brings indescribable joy, albeit with its own set of challenges.

Our handcrafted journey has been a rollercoaster ride, with twists and turns and blocks; The dilemma when you're faced with the decision between quality and growth. the constant search to find a balance between fiercely protecting one's product integrity as well as protecting profits. It's all so personal, intimate even, because we create the products ourselves, with our own hands and hearts, without machines.

So when we make a sale, it is such a beautiful acknowledgment, a validation that what we do makes a difference, and one that is of value, and I am reassured that it has all been worth it. Today I marvel at the amazing offerings my competitors have created, how the clean beauty market has burgeoned and grown. And I revel in being a part of a sisterhood, one of the few driven souls, all of us doing our bit to contribute and lift the natural skin care to the next level. And it fuels me in my effort to raise the bar, create newer offerings, extend existing ranges and explore new formulations."