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Moroccan Rhassoul lava clay, nature’s detox and declog warrior, rich in minerals and magnesium, literally sucks out excess oils and impurities, while powerful antioxidants Green Tea extract, Coffee and Beta Carotene loaded Carrot powder go to work to repair damage, even out discolouration, protect against environmental pollutants, improve circulation and increase elasticity. A dash of Chamomile Roman oil tones, purifies and adds the finishing touch for squeaky clean, super glowy skin, making this superfoods face mask a must-have with the best face masks.

Loaded with

Rhassoul Clay (Moroccan Lava Clay)***, Tapioca Starch (Manihot Esculenta) Powder***, Chamomile Roman Essential Oil (Anthemis Nobilis L )***, Carrot (Daucus Carota Sativa) Powder***, Coffee (Coffea Arabica) Powder***, Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Leaf Extract Powder*** *Certified Organic Ingredient ***Natural Origin Ingredient


Preparing your Face Mask For a Simple Detox: Mix 1 teaspoon of the Superfoods Mask powder with 1 teaspoon of water in a glass, plastic, or wooden bowl. If you want to make a larger batch of the clay mask, simply follow the proportions of 1 part clay powder to 1 part liquid. If you feel like your skin needs an extra oomph, or is going through an unusual patch, you can update what your mix by increasing the proportion of powder to water, according to your needs. For a Nourishing Detox: Mix 1 teaspoon of the Superfoods Mask powder with 1 teaspoon of Honey or Curds with a splash of water. Use a non-metal instrument, like a spoon or stir stick, to form a paste. (Never use metal with clay because it can activate the clay, which destroys the detoxifying properties of the minerals.)

Applying your Face Mask

Step 1:
Wash your face before you use a clay mask. A mask is not a face wash, and you don’t want to end up sealing in any toxins with a mask.

Step 2:
Use your (clean) hands to spread a thin, even layer of mask over your face, avoiding the mouth and eye area.

Step 3:
Take this time to sit back and relax! Listen to your favourite playlist or watch TV while your skin soaks up all the good stuff. After 10 minutes, when it starts to dry, the mask stimulates blood flow as it feels firm on your skin - and that means it is time to take it off! If you let it get too dry, it starts sucking up your skin’s natural oils, and that’s bad news.

Wet a washcloth with lukewarm water and gently wipe the clay mask off of your face, or rinse off with water using circular motions. Pat dry.

Step 4:
You and your skin should feel rejuvenated and revived. Apply a moisturiser to replenish any natural oils that have been soaked up by the clay.

REPEAT THE PROCESS A FEW TIMES A WEEK The best part about this whole process? You get to do it again! Our Superfoods masks should be used 2-3 times a week for best results, so go ahead and treat yourself to using one regularly, particularly in the summer months. Making our masks part of your consistent skin care routine will keep your pores clean and help address skin care concerns such as large pores, oily skin and dry spots.


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Customer Reviews

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Squeaky clean !

This mask has given me such a clean face detox after just a few uses. Tried it with rose water and it left my face feeling refreshed and soft. Totally recommend it !

Super Mask

The good old multani mitti loaded with goodness. Cleans and cools the skin so well. Love it!


After mixing with curd This mask made my skin feel soft and clean
It’s lovely